Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Completed Characters w/color

So I had to go back and recolor everyone. Which was really time consuming, but I managed to get it done. Aside from everybody being in color, there's some minor changes to everyone. With the King, I added more jewels to his outfit as well as correct the light source on the jewels on his mask.
Next up is the Queen. She was fairly difficult to color. I had to color and recolor her three different times only because I wasn't satisfied with the look. Finally came to a design that I liked.
Next is Rapunzel. This is her second design. The first design looked really terrible so I redesigned her to look younger and more innocent. She bares some facial resemblance to her mother, The Queen.
Next one is Gothel. She was the most fun to color. I corrected her height so that her body proportion matched. Her high heels were weird to design.
MisterBone was my favorite to design and color. I tried to replicate rock color and texture with this guy. The rocks on his back was fun to design as well.
Valley of Bones is where Nimbus and Mister Bone first fight. You can kind of say that this is Mister Bone's home.
I have three other backgrounds that I'm still working on. I shall have them up before Friday as well as the character expressions.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Other Rapunzel Characters WIP

Nimbus/ King

So this is just what I have so far that's colored. NIMBUS Starting with Prince Nimbus. He originates from the Land of Thunderstorms in the capitol of Derecho. He inherited the feather mask from his father during the war between Rapunzel's father and Nimbus' father. The war ended with a peace treaty. Nimbus was offered the King's daughter as a sign of good peace and fortune between the two kingdoms. Everything was going according to plan until Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel. Years past and Nimbus became a vigilante for good. He was summoned by the king and was sent on a noble quest to rescue his daughter from darkness.
KING Also known as Grandeur Voiler, is the king of Gladius Magnificus and father of Rapunzel. The reason he wears his mask is because he was born mute. Even with this riding on his shoulders, he rules with an iron fist and show no mercy as he feels that nobody would for him. The margiela mask on his face represents his power over the kingdom of Gladius Magnificus and his wealth. He wears a ring to where if needed he could summon an army of thousands. The blue pin on him represents the peace treaty between him and the king of Derecho.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rapunzel Environments WIP

So like I mentioned in my last post, the location to where the story of Rapunzel is located has been moved from Germany to Ireland. The location I chose for Gothel's tower is In Scotland, on the Isle of Skye. It's a pretty quiet island with an oddly shaped plateau. The tower itself is surrounded by giant boulders in the form of spikes. Kind of like a safeguard. It's also protected by darkness.
The King's Castle, also another environment and major setting in my version of Rapunzel is based off of a sword stuck in a stone. The base of the castle lies on top of a mountain. The castle itself is embroidered in rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and topaz (to represent the king). The mountains around it (like Gothel's castle) safegaurd the palace. The formation as a whole is called Gladius Magnificus, latin for Majestic Sword. It's also the name of the town as well. The town is scattered into four parts (based on direction). The royal part resides in the North quadrant.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rapunzel References/ Synopsis

So I was assigned Rapunzel by the Brother's Grimm. I wanted to give Rapunzel a more modern art feel to it. Rapunzel, the princess of the story. I'm gonna give her the physical features of Daveigh Chase. Aside from that, I'm gonna give her blueish-teal hair. She's gonna have an innocent look to her as well. She has more strength than what she's granted for.
Dame Gothel, the antagonist of the story will be based off of Lady Gaga and her odd yet interesting fashion sense, primarily from her Born This Way and ARTPOP era. I'm gonna give her green hair. Bob cut. Always wearing a different shade of lipstick (primarily in the dark/neutral shades). She has the power to conjure shadows to steal youth away from people who oppose her. The only one she cannot touch is Rapunzel. Which is why she captures her when she was a baby to find out why. She was knighted by the Queen (use to be friends and she was the right hand lady to the queen until she obtained a power that made her betray both the King and Queen)
King and Queen, The King and Queen are the most interesting characters in the Rapunzel story. Starting with the king, He has a British military attire going on. He wears a margiela mask at all times and barely speaks at all. The Queen usually speaks for him. He's has telekinetic powers and with a wave of his hand he can command an army without fail. The queen has a more flamboyant yet powerful appearance. Her colors are usually bright, depending on her and the King's mood. They both are knowledgeable of Dame Gothel and they are waiting patiently to strike.
Prince Charming, the savior of Rapunzel. He wears a feather mask for unknown reasons. He's speaks in a Scottish accent and he can conjure strong gusts of winds to blow away his enemies. He can quickly get away from enemies by summoning a cloud and flying away on it. He usually wears all white and he uses his hands to illustrate his points.
In this version, the King and Queen have a baby and named her Rapunzel. Some time after the baby turns five months, Dame Gothel obtains a dark power that quickly consumes her. She forms a coup d'├ętat against the King and Queen but it quickly failed. Before fleeing, she kidnaps Rapunzel and disappears in the night. Sixteen years later Rapunzel, is almost fully grown and wants to escape the tower. Because of the rampion bellflower, she has grown to become a strong woman with extraordinarily untapped power. Gothel disapproves and they get into a huge fight. Gothel tries to use her power to tame Rapunzel, but a magical force protects her from Gothel's dark forces. Surprised by this, she locks her away in a dark part of the tower. She send a letter via dove to anyone who could save her. Prince Charming gets the letter and is directed by the bird to the tower. When he arrives, he writes another letter and sends it to the royal castle. When the Queen receives the letter, she gives it to the King, which soon after sends an army of one thousand men to retrieve their daughter. Charming tries to get in the tower, but Gothel is aware of his presence by the shadows outside the tower and they get into a big fight. Rapunzel eventually learns how to manifest her powers and escapes the dungeon. While Charming is close to death, Rapunzel arrives and fights by his side. Soon the army arrives. Epic Battle ensues and Gothel is taken down by Rapunzel's power of light. The she returns to the kingdom with Charming, the King and Queen gives charming their blessings and they get eloped. My version of Rapunzel is based off of my interpretation of Modern Art and Haute Couture fashion. Instead of it being light and tame like the other versions, my version is gonna be dark. Instead of it being located in Germany, it's gonna be located in Scotland on the Isle of Skye. The bosses will be The King's Army (For Gothel), Theives and Master Bone (Charming), Gothel unpowered (Rapunzel), Stone Beasts (Charming), Gothel (Charming), Gothel full powered(Rapunzel and Charming).

Thursday, October 31, 2013


So my characters that I designed are superheroes. The design was partially inspired by Marvel's Falcon character. I wanted to have a father son thing going on so that why they have matching outfits. Originally I had a tour bus for the vehicle, but I thought it would be kinda funny to add a unicycle instead. Basic background is basic. I wanted to put more focus on the two characters interacting with one another.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Volkswagen Practice

SO in class we had to draw a Volkswagen Beetle. I had a little difficulty with it since I'm not use to drawing cars. I think it came out okay I guess. We had to add some modifications to the second one to give it a more unique look.